• The New Masters Documentary on the BBC

    Director Chris Cherry was on the BBC recently discussing MMA in China, the documentary we are working on, and the routes out of poverty for poor fighters. Check out the video and full audio interview below.

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  • Sinica Podcast: MMA and Kungfu in China

    I had the privilege of being on the Sinica Podcast recently, talking about my project and just the scene in general. I feel I could have done a much better job of it – a lot of inaccuracies, and I think my tone was very anti-China which is basically a fount for inaccuracies – but at the time I was just trying to not stutter and be as lucid as possible. Great experience, and gave me the bug to do more of this type of work. I also spend a lot of time talking about the documentary film, The New Masters, which I am helping produce. If you want to learn more about that, here is our website (under construction, but I am working on it RIGHT NOW) and here is our Facebook page. A Kickstarter is forthcoming, as soon as all ducks are in a row. Stay tuned!

    Here is the podcast link again:

    Chinese Martial Arts and MMA – Sinica Podcast


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  • New Masters Documentary

    This is a teaser for a documentary film I am involved with, featuring Ning Guangyou, a fighter in the UFC.

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  • Ning Guangyou Hitting the Bags

    Ning Guangyou will be fighting at the UFC Macao event August 23. He is scheduled to fight Yang Jianping, a good looking television star and former fighter for China’s most popular fighting promotion, Wu Lin Feng. Check out this little short Chris and David put together of him hitting the bags …

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  • Lu Zhenhong’s Headkick KO at RUFF 13

    Lu Zhenhong delivers a cracking head kick knockout of He Jianwei at RUFF 13 on June 7th, 2014.

    – Footage by Christopher Cherry and David Dempsey

    June 21, 2014 • Modern Kung Fu, Video • Views: 12837