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  1. Jack Tan says:

    I recently started reading your blog and found them very interesting. I am most interested in current status of martial arts in China. I do have a question/request to you since you seem to be based in Chengdu. Do you know or can you recommend a good traditional Yang style TaiJi master in Chengdu?

    Thank you. Keep up the good work on your blog.

  2. Dhanny Budi says:

    Hi Sascha,

    I’m so glad finding your blog. My name is Dhanny, from Jakarta, Indonesia. I’m a 7th generation of chinese descendant here, so i cannot speak chinese at all.

    And why I just so glad been able to connect with you, well, I’m on progress of building an Indonesia Kungfu International School here. Actually the idea start from my father. The school generally is a public general school with kung-fu as extracurricular activities, its a boarding school so for the interested students, they will have plenty of time to be serious learner. And what we mean by kungfu is not solely “wushu”, but we believe the original idea as we understood it. And while we had cooperation with the Shaolin Temple, its also not a budhist monk school.

    I will be in chengdu on june 9th till 11th, before leaving to dengfeng. My stop in Chengdu as i bring my 10years old son is to see the panda, and also try to find a kungfu teacher lady (emei styles) as legends and popular stories says that Emey styles were practices mostly by women. It will be a great compliment for the Shaolin styles (especially originated from the temples, where monks are usually men) to be available at my school.

    Please email me, then I can send you the picture of our school progress and location, its in a beautiful surrounding, with mountains view and air freshness.

    Best Regards,

  3. Manu Schindler says:

    Hey Sascha,

    I just found your blog and I think its very cool! I’m currently backpacking through China and would like to join a monastery for a week or two to practice Kung Fu and meditate. This is not so much to become proficient in it (for what can be learned in 1-2 weeks?) but more so for the genuine cultural experience of living in a monastery and learning martial arts. Therefore, I was wondering if you could recommend a place 🙂 I love your blog and will continue following it. In any case, I plan to return to China for a longer time than I have now (1month) as I fell in love with the country. So even if I can’t use the information on this trip, there will be subsequent ones 🙂
    Thank you very much!

  4. Sascha says:

    Hi Manu,

    There are a couple of options, but a “monastery kungfu school” is pretty much a dream and not much of a reality. there are a couple possible locations nearby, if you make it to Sichuan, drop me a line via email, i have it above in the comments

  5. Richard Crawford says:

    Hey. The name is Richard, I currently live in Arizona although sometimes I wish I could be in Tokyo, but I just wanted help finding a legit sensei or someone to train me on kung fu. I want to do close combat, around the style of shotokan, and wing chun. I just wanna have a real master who is passionate about it, and really show me the art of it. Sounds funny but I would like that karate kid relationship. But if you know of what I should do, like I said I’m in AZ but I’m really passionate and dedicated to learning kung fu.

  6. Grant says:

    Hi Sascha,

    I’m an international school teacher living in Guangzhuo. Although my first time in China was in Chengdu in 2003. I studied at Xinan Minzu Daxue at the time.

    I study Wing Chun and Bak Mei in Guangzhuo and am familiar with a very small slice of the martial arts community. If you make it out this way send me an email and I can get you an introduction into the Martyr’s Park community which includes some well know styles like Taiji, Bagua, and Xingyi; but also includes local styles and some lesser known styles: Bak Mei, Long Ying, Choy Li Fut, Tai Xu Quan, Hap Ga, Ma Bian Quan, Wu Dang Quan; and I can give you an introduction to people who could get you around the Wing Chun community.

    Best Wishes,

    Grant Brown

  7. Sascha says:

    Hey Grant, Richard and everyone else:

    Please do put me in touch with some guys, you can send me an email at with a few names and telephone numbers. If you your self are looking for a master, please check out this page:

    This is the website of my master, Li Quan. If this isn’t what you are looking for, then send me an email, and perhaps we can figure something out.

  8. Rachel Ma says:

    Hi Sascha, not sure if you know that as association in Hong Kong is working on preserving martial arts using 3D motion capture. Do check it out , you might find it interesting:

  9. luigi says:

    I need study taiji chuan chen style
    can you let me know the price to have 4 week classes and if is easy found a good accomodation there?
    I say thank you in advance fro your reply
    take care

  10. K says:

    Please be sure to look into Bajiquan. Obviously Wu family really dominate the market, so to speak, but it would be interesting to see what you write.

  11. Marc Meyer says:

    Hi Sascha! Wonder if you would consider featuring my book in one of your blogs: http: // Thanks so much, Marc Meyer

  12. Eugene says:

    Hi, I found your website today and I think your project is fantastic. You seek the truth about Kung Fu and you want to travel around China to meet authentical people to discover authentical real kung du (I hope it still exists). I am also interested in learning traditional kung fu, which is linked to Qigong and Chan meditation (I practice all) and I think Kung fu is one of treasure of my life, it always inspires me and makes me mentally, phisically and spiritually strong.
    I hope to hear from you soon, to read your book and, if possible, make contact (like facebook) to know more about you and your personal experience. Omitofu

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  14. Chris says:

    Hello sir, thank you for your interesting and important work.
    On your home page directly under the blog entitled “Maintainance and Challenge”,
    there is an interesting mural of a sage-like figure with multiple arms, looks like he’s doing taichi. Could you provide me with any info on this piece?
    I am an artist as well as a kungfu practitioner and it would be helpful to my artwork to get a look at murals like this, they are hard to find.
    Thank you sir, keep up the historical work you are doing

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